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NeuroSys offers customized and quality e-commerce solutions to its customers. We cater to SME and enterprise businesses that want scalable solutions. In addition, we have end to end capability for all aspects of the value chain (excluding photography). Not only can we design and build the right solution for you, but we can also brainstorm. It’s like having your own in house team and partner you can trust.

Core development

We are also comfortable with focusing only on development and SEO, if the customer has their own design team or we can recommend any of our partners.

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India's #1 Jutti E-Commerce Store

End to End


Export house Catalog/Collection sharing with buyers

User Interface, User Experience, Backend coding, Support, SEO


Product Designer Website

User Interface, User Experience, Backend coding, Support


Vacation Home Booking E-Commerce Site

End to End + Mobile responsive

Rajeev Agarwal

Architect Website

End to End + Mobile responsive

Nitco Tiles

Product Gallery Website

User Interface, User Experience, Backend coding, Support, SEO


Multi Designer Fasion E-Commerce Store

User Interface, Backend coding, Support


Multi Product Home Furnishings & Accessories E-Commerce Store
Check out the Shopping Cart Page on this!

User Interface, Backend coding, Support, SEO


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The most important aspects of your E-Commerce site that will drive sales will result from engagement, perception of your site and products. This is based on keeping your site fast, easy to navigate, low on operational costs, good user recall and high on user experience. It is a common misconception that all these are only related to the look of your website .. so think again before you exhaust yourself focusing on the design of your site.

Pushing products can have a negative impact if the other aspects are not tailored to. Furthermore if you increase traffic to a site with poor conversion then you are actually doing more damage than good. Read more tips here. Some of the points I can sum up are:
  • Gain the visitors trust: Clear policies, HTTPS, Verisign (optional), Icons of Payment logos and options, Only proceed when user accepts T&C and do not force anything.
  • Cross Sell products: Use your own site to effectively cross sell NEW, SALE and seasonal popular items
  • Landing Pages: Ability to create specific marketing campaigns and target users who maybe interested in a particular campaign.
  • Search: Powerful multi parameter search. You may want to search by words, colors, price etc. Ensure the Search actually works or it can work against you.
  • Highlight SALE & NEW ARRIVALS: For fashion sites this works really well. Most online visitors are looking for what's new and anything on SALE.
  • Sell beyond your website: Google Merchant Account, Facebook
  • Product Photography: Ensure you have clear shots of the product without background noise or shades. You must also have multiple perspectives of the same product shot.

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A 4 part tutorial to explain what a business should understand before diving into E-Commerce
A 4 part tutorial to explain what technical solutions exist, and how you should choose a model that suits your budget and organizational needs.
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